Our juniors got into the swing of things

SNAG Open Day
We had a very good outcome with a lot of juniors pitching up with their parents and really getting into the fun of the game.

If you couldn’t make the Open Day, bring your juniors to the first class for the term. Starting next week Tuesday, 11 February, we are kicking off with jam-packed schedule for 2020 golf at SNAG.

Monthly medal now caters for a best gross prize

Our monthly medal competition has always just catered for the best nett score in all the divisions. From February 2020 we have decided to bring in a best gross overall. This will obviously cater for the low handicappers to be able to compete effectively for the honour of the best gross score at the monthly medal. However, there is a catch. A player must play off the Championship (Yellow) tees to qualify for the best gross prize and this must be indicated on the scorecard.

We sincerely hope that this will bring back the competition element between the low handicappers to be able to compete for this coveted accolade of best gross score in the monthly medal.

Reminder of the PGC Annual General Meeting

We would like to remind members that the PGC Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday the 26th of February 2020 at 18:30 in the Winelands hall. We would like to invite members to please attend this important meeting and should you like to nominate anybody for some position on the Board or the Captains Committee please note that you need to hand in a completed nomination form at the PGC Administration office by 12:00 on the 20th of February 2020.

We look forward to sharing some interesting opportunities coming your way in 2020.

Garden and dams as well as maintenance teams now part of the Servest offering

Since the beginning of the year, we have experimented with additional teams on the Servest side that would concentrate their efforts on the gardens and the dams on the course. After we have succeeded in drawing the lines between the golf course and the Homeowners Association garden area’s, we realised that we need focused attention on our own “gardens” but more so our dams. This team will also start with the finer manicuring of the areas around the tee boxes and the greens to alleviate the problem of loose standing tuft’s of hard grass.

We also created a maintenance team under Servest that will concentrate mainly on the planting of poles to direct golf carts around the course as well as to start with the finer manicuring of our cart pathways.

We are starting to see the benefit of these teams and assume that members will also start experiencing the benefit of having them around.

Possibility of controlled fishing in some golf course dams creates big excitement

The article on the possibility of allowing controlled fishing in some of the Golf club’s dams have had a lot of very positive but also some negative reaction. We were requested to limit the dams to be “opened” for fishing to only three dams on the course. These three dams will be Wateruintjiesvlei, the irrigation dam and the small dam between the 11th green and the 12th tee box. It was decided to not allow fishing on the dams that were adjacent to houses on the estate. To draw an effective line of personal space around these particular dams were jut not possible. As soon as we have the green light from our members at the AGM of 26 February 2020, we will activate the controlled fishing plan. I personally will hold a clinic or two to explain the concepts of catch and release and things like barbless hooks for easy catch and release possibilities. I hope that we will be able to activate this plan to the benefit of the youngsters on the Estate. Please note that currently the Boschenmeer Estate rules forbid any fishing on the Estate so that will also have to be addressed in time.

Know your birdies from your eagles

Red-knobbed Coot (Bleshoender)

The red-knobbed coot is largely black except for the white frontal shield. It is 38–45 cm (15–18 in) long, spans 75–85 cm (30–33 in) across the wings and weighs 585–1,085 g (1.290–2.392 lb). As a swimming species, it has partial webbing on its long strong toes. The juvenile is paler than the adult, has a whitish breast, and lacks the facial shield; the adult’s black plumage develops when about 3–4 months old, but the white shield is only fully developed at about one year old, some time later.

The red-knobbed coot is an omnivore and will take a variety of small live prey including the eggs of other water birds. Its main food in most waters however comprises various waterweeds

The habits of the red-knobbed coot are practically identical to those of the Eurasian coot. It is much less secretive than most of the rail family. Where it is undisturbed it is likely to bully any intruder, even large birds such as Egyptian geese, if they do not defy its challenges. It can be seen swimming on open water or walking across waterside grasslands. It is an aggressive species, and strongly territorial during the breeding season.

The red-knobbed coot is reluctant to fly and when taking off runs across the water surface with much splashing. It does the same, but without actually flying, when travelling a short distance at speed (to escape a rival, for example, or to dispute possession of a choice morsel). It bobs its head as it swims and makes short dives from a little jump.

Don’t make a mountain out of a mole heap

Rules regarding mole hills on the course

In the Rules of Golf that went into effect on the 1st of 2020, the term “animal holes” supersedes the term “burrowing animal.” The USGA and R&A define “animal” as “any living member of the animal kingdom (other than humans) including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates (such as worms, insects, spiders and crustaceans).

And the official definition of an “animal hole” in the new rules is:
• Any hole dug in the ground by an animal, except for holes dug by animals that are also defined as loose impediments (such as worms or insects).

The term animal hole includes:
• The loose material the animal dug out of the hole,
• Any worn-down track or trail leading into the hole, and
• Any area on the ground pushed up or altered as a result of the animal digging the hole underground.”

The area affected by these animal holes causes Abnormal Course Conditions as per the definition.

When Relief Is Allowed from mole heaps?
Meaning of Interference by Abnormal Course Condition. Interference exists when any one of these are true:

1. The player’s ball touches or is in or on a mole heap (abnormal course condition),
2. A mole heap (abnormal course condition) physically interferes with the player’s area of intended stance or area of intended swing, or
3. Only when the ball is on the putting green, an abnormal course condition on or off the putting green intervenes on the line of play.

If the abnormal course condition (mole heap) is close enough to distract the player but does not meet any of these requirements, there is no interference under this Rule.

The Golf Club’s Rules Committee may adopt a Local Rule denying relief from a mole heap (abnormal course condition) that only interferes with the area of intended stance. At Paarl golf club we do have such a local rule so when the mole heap (abnormal conditions) interferes with your stance you cannot get relief.  Also please note when you do get a free drop one club length from the nearest point of relief that point should not be manipulated to better your line of sight to the hole. It is not called the nicest point of relief but nearest.

Quote of the week

We’ll accompany you and three friends over a different style of 9 holes to find out how you can drop 4 or more shots off your scorecard quickly.

You’ll play 9 holes, but we’ll focus on 4 particular skills:

Your ability to hit fairways off the tee
Your score on Par 3s (and your ability to hit approach shots)
Your control of distance and accuracy in the 90 to 40-metre range;
Your mastery of greenside shots

At the end of the round you’ll receive a 30-minute session highlighting the ways that each of you can take 4 shots off your scorecard.

And we’ll agree a DAY AND TIME that works for you and three friends to find out what you have to do to
drop 4 shots off your handicap.

Get your children into golf

If you are looking for the perfect outdoor activity for your kids, golf is a really good option.Our SNAG programme teaches your kids the fundamentals of the game, as well as social skills. On top of that they get to have fun in a safe, outdoor environment under adult supervision.

We are hosting an open day at the club on Tuesday 4th February for everyone! Bring your kids and come see for yourself what your children will learn.

Contact Hannarie on 082 990 7161 for more information.

Parents are welcome to contact Hannarie on 082 990 7161 for more info


Caddies to be paid directly by the golfer after the game

Members might be familiar with the current practice whereby a golfer would pay at the registration for a Caddie, which would then later after the game hand in his slip to receive his R200 for the work done. We therefore, need to keep a cash kitty handy at all times. This has become a risk for the registration personnel, and so we decided that we would rather ask the golfers to pay their Caddie, directly after the game. In order to make this happen, we have upgraded our Auto bank which now have R100 and R200 notes, and we are also in the process of installing a R50 holder.

We hope that this will also enable the Caddie to negotiate a better reward in the case where he has excelled during his golfer’s round. We will monitor the outcome of this decision to ensure that the Caddies get what they deserve.

We thank every golfer for their understanding in this matter.

Reminder of the PGC Annual General Meeting

We would like to remind members that the PGC Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday the 26th of February 2020 at 18:30, in the Winelands hall. We please ask that members attend this important meeting, and should you like to nominate anyone for a position on the Board or the Captains Committee, please note that you need to hand in a completed nomination form at the PGC Administration office by 12:00 on the 20th of February 2020.

We look forward to sharing some interesting opportunities coming your way in 2020.

Early morning and late afternoon play

We have seen a recent increase in people playing golf in the early mornings, as well as late afternoons, while the course is closed. May I please request that you refrain from doing so, seeing that we have made an arrangement with the Boschenmeer Home Owners allowing them to walk their dogs or jog around the course, in a safe manner. Early morning golf also interferes with our Maintenance Teams who need to prepare the golf course for the day’s play.

With the new Cancellation Policy approved, we will also be able to charge any player that fails to register, or plays without an officially booked round.

Your co-operation and understanding is appreciated.

Cancellation and no-show policy for members and visitors of Paarl Golf Club approved

At the Board Meeting held on the 27th of January 2020, the Cancellation Policy was once again confirmed and approved. From the 1st of February 2020, this policy will be put in place.

We would therefore like to remind our members, yet again, so that there is no confusion in the future. Cancellation of a golf booking is all about timing. The longer time you, as an individual, can give the Golf Club to re-fill your empty spot, the less impact it will have on the Golf Club’s financial stability. Remember a golf course is a business, that relies on a budgeted number of rounds, at an anticipated rate, in order to achieve the income needed to cover all the expenses.

PGC therefore would like to emphasize the following cancellation (no-show) policy principles:

• In the case of a cancellation more than 48 hours before the scheduled tee time, the cancellation is free of charge.
• In the case of a cancellation less than 24 hours before the scheduled tee time, you will be held liable for 50% of the applicable fee.
• No show will be charged the full amount with no refunds. Unlimited members will be billed at member rates on their club account for either a no-show or failing to check in for their round of golf. This rule will also be applicable for member’s guests, where the member will be held responsible and liable for their guest’s no-show or failing to check in for golf. Paarl Golf Club reserves the right to charge 100% of the applicable fee.
• Cancellations must be done during office hours 08h00 – 17h00 and you will be furnished with a cancellation number via e-mail. It is the members responsibility to ensure the cancellation e-mail is received.
• If your booking is for less than 4 players, PGC reserves the right to fill the remaining open slots within that tee time at their discretion.

Your cooperation and understanding of this matter will be greatly appreciated. 

Member Profile

 Click to enlarge

Many moons ago

Thank you so much for the emails received identifying the photo of 2019. Thank you, Jan Hanekom and Erik Troost, for identifying the gentleman on the right, Oom Hennie. The gentleman on the left and the lady still needs identification.

 On the right, Oom Hennie Liebenberg (Paula Bester’s father)
who was the City Clerk of Paarl Municipality during that period

I sincerely hope that I would receive some feedback on who the gentleman in the photograph above is.

Please e-mail me at manager@paarlgc.co.za if you recognise any of the individuals on the photographs.

Know your Birdies from your Eagles

Steppe Buzzard (Bruinjakkalsvoel)

The steppe buzzard (Buteo vulpinus) is a migratory bird of prey and one of the most common species of raptor in southern Africa during the summer months. It is often considered a subspecies of the common or Eurasian buzzard (Buteo buteo), but it differs somewhat physiologically.

It is smaller than the common buzzard with a length between 45-50 cm (18-20 in), but with longer wings and tail. Coloration is similar to that of the common buzzard with an overall brownish appearance, yellow legs, and darker upperparts. Like the common buzzard, the steppe buzzard also shows great variation in colour with varying degrees of rufous to grey in its plumage.

The tail feathers of the steppe buzzard is often slightly rufous in appearance whereas tail feathers of the common buzzard is generally whitish. It shares some of its African range with the similar and less common resident forest buzzard (Buteo trizonatus), but forest buzzards are generally whiter on the chest and underparts and are without the barred flanks seen on the steppe buzzard.

Diet and Habitat
The steppe buzzard prefers open habitats, such as grasslands, savanna, farmlands, and open woodlands. It can also be found in denser forest regions. It is very common to find them perched on wooden poles, fences, and dead trees. Diet consists of insects, small mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and occasionally carrion. It spots its prey when perched in the open and will swoop down to the ground to catch it. Smaller birds and insects can be caught mid-air.


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Rules flash

When is a player allowed to clean a golf ball?

Most clubs do not play preferred lies (placing). I am often asked the question “may I clean my ball if it is on the fairway?”.

Unfortunately, the answer is no.

RULE 14.1c states:

Only when a ball is lifted to obtain relief (free or penalty), it may be cleaned. Remember you may always lift and clean a ball on the putting green.

There are 4 exception where a player is not allowed to clean his/her golf ball:
1. To see if it is cut or cracked.
2. To identify it (cleaning is allowed only as needed to identify it).
3. If it interferes with play.
4. To see if it lies in a condition where relief is allowed (embedded ball etc.)

If you have any queries, please contact me at paarlmrrules@gmail.com.

Enjoy your golf and mind the bugs,
Mr R

Quote of the week



Storm causes havoc on course

On Sunday 19 January 2020, a severe storm with high wind speeds caused a number of trees on the course to tumble. Our greenkeeper even had to help clear out the roads of the estate. Cleaning up after the storm will still take a few days.In the process, we also had to review our tree replacement programme and would urge any members who might have an indigenous tree somewhere hidden in a cupboard to please come forward and allow us to plant that tree on the course where it can serve a purpose. We would like to start replacing the “alien” trees with indigenous trees to support our nature conservation drive on the golf course.

Please note that we will have to remove the three trees on the left-hand side of the 12th green due to their roots interfering with the functionality of the bunker. We will hopefully be able to replace them in time with less root intrusive trees.

Removing cold water igloos from the course

Thanks to all the positive feedback we received from this article from last week. We are investigating the possibility of installing cooling units in two of our wine barrel waterpoints (14th and 23rd) with the help of two club members staying close to the two waterpoints. This is needed to get electricity to the waterpoints to run the cooling units. We will keep members informed on the progress of this project.

Investigating possible fishing on PGC dams after golfing hours

We experience a lot of “illegal” fishing, especially during school holidays and would rather control that effectively than to just ban it from happening at all. We are, therefore, investigating the possibility of allowing fishing in some of our PGC dams on the course after the active golfing hours, so as not to interfere with the playing of golf on the course.Fishing will only be allowed according to strict rules, of which catch and release will be the main rule. Adherence to the general rule of respecting our environment and not littering while we are fishing will also be of crucial importance. Furthermore, we would encourage the use of barbless hooks to make the release of the fish so much easier.

We will also await the feeling of the members at the Annual General Meeting before any final decisions will be taken.

Moving forward together

I was asked by quite a few members about where the sculpture (Moving Forward together), located in the island garden when you go to the 19th tee box, originated from. Our Captain, Jacques Olivier asked the donor to tell us the story…Andy Higgins explained:

“I first saw the sculpture on one of my visits to Zimbabwe early in 2015, and when the Club started to re-designing the dam between the first tee and 18th green, I remembered this sculpture and thought its presence would really compliment the dam, particularly if it was erected on the small mound at the back of the practice putting green, in front of the dam.

I contacted Marion Stewart, who was the Club Manager at that time, with my proposal and photograph of the sculpture, and made it quite clear that this would be a ‘gift’ from me to the Club, which she readily accepted and didn’t think the intended site would be a problem. So, I made contact with the artist, Ishmael Chitiyo (Zimbabwean), agreed to buy the sculpture, and arranged for its delivery.

But, unfortunately, a couple of weeks later, Marion told me that the ‘course architect’, I don’t know who that was, thought the sculpture was “too modern” to be sited where I had visualized!  Marion then told me that the only sites where it could go was on the patch of ground outside the hairdressers, which would have been laughable, or in its present position!

Although it sits very well there, I still think it should be where it was originally ‘gifted’ for, particularly as the early ‘disastrous’ work on the walls has now been rectified, and the dam is looking very good.

It started life being pulled out as a large rock of Cobalt from a mine in Chiweshe, about 150kms from Harare; it took Ishmael over a month to complete using the very basic of hand tools, see photos.

It was then transported on a three-day journey from Harare to Bellville on the back of a bus, from where I collected it in a ‘borrowed’ bakkie and delivered it to the Club. It was unloaded and erected by most of the Caddies, on the same day 27th. July ’15, and the plaque was added a month later, see photos!

I hope that now you know the history of Sculpture it will continue to give you added pleasure each time you pass!”

Andy, from Paarl Golf Club’s side, we thank you for all the effort to get this very unique sculpture here in Paarl and to make Paarl Golf Club it’s home.

Know your birdies from your eagles

Yellow-Billed Kite (Geelbekwou)

It is a medium-sized bird of prey, reaching an average length of 55cm and a wingspan between 160-180 cm.  It is an all brown bird, often with a lighter grey-brown head. This bird has a forked tail, as is often synonymous with kites although not always the rule. The all yellow-beak is the bird’s most tell-tale feature and makes it easy to identify in the field.

Diet & Habitat
Yellow-billed kites can be found almost anywhere and is sometimes more common to see outside of protected areas than within because of a lack of competition from other species. It is, however, also quite common within protected areas. The only habitats avoided by this bird are dense forests, true deserts, and mountains at high altitudes. Urban areas suit this bird well, as it is incredibly opportunistic in its behaviour. Diet is varied and it will feed on any prey small enough to be caught and eaten, such as small mammals, reptiles, birds, and insects.

Many moons ago

Thank you so much for the emails received to identify the below photo in our last Gazette in December 2019. On the left is of John Winton, ex Club Captain, and on the right is Johan du Plessis, ex manager of the Club.Thank you Mr Malcolm Novos and Kobus Du Plessis for identifying the gentlemen in the photo.

I sincerely hope that I would receive some feedback on who the two gentleman and the lady on the photograph are in the above photo.

Please e-mail me at manager@paarlgc.co.za if you recognise any of the individuals on the photographs.

In conversation with our Members

Do you want to see your picture on the wall?Please hand in this form at registration or admin if you want to be featured in our next newsletter.

Email your photo to administration@paarlgc.co.za or we can take a photo.

Rules flash

While a player was making a stroke from the teeing area, his ball fell off the tee, but he continued to make a stroke at the moving ball. His fellow competitors argued that he should incur the general penalty (two shot) for playing a moving ball as per Rule10.1d.

His fellow competitors were wrong because there are three exceptions to this rule.

Exception 1
Ball falling off tee:

If a player makes a stroke at a ball while it is falling or after it has fallen off, there is no penalty, the stroke counts and the ball is in play.

Exception 2
Ball begins to move only after player begins backswing for stroke:

If a player’s ball at rest begins moving after the player has begun the stroke or the backswing for a stroke and the player goes on to make the stroke:
• The ball must not be replaced, no matter what caused it to move.
• Instead the player must play the ball from where it comes to rest after the stroke.
• If the player caused the ball to move there is a one-shot penalty.
• Remember, if the player discontinue the stroke and s/he caused the ball to move, the ball must be replaced for a one-shot penalty, otherwise it is a two-shot penalty (general penalty).

Exception 3
Ball moving in water:

When a ball is moving in temporary water or in water in a penalty area:
• The player may make a stroke at the moving ball without penalty, or
• The player may take relief under rule 16.1 or 17 and may lift the moving ball.
• In either case, the player must not unreasonably delay play to allow the wind or water to move the ball to a better place.


If you have any queries, please contact me at paarlmrrules@gmail.com.

Enjoy your golf and mind the bugs,
Mr R

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What’s happening at the club?
Quickfibre Wellington Open
2 February
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Windhoek Lager International Pairs
15 February
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Trophy Day Beach Party
20 February
Little Tigers 2nd Annual Golf Day Fundraiser
22 February
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Kuilsriver Ladies Cabernet Classic
22 February
Faure & Faure 2020
28 January 2020
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Who’s been winning?
14 January
Betterball Stableford
Ladies Competition
Players: 27  |  Paarl Old Course
Place Name Member Score Voucher
1 Alida Kotzee
L’May Whitfield
45 R120.00
2 Yvette Theron
Karin Hanekom
45 R80.00
3 Ria Louw
Kathleen Martens
43 R50.00
Two Clubs (R15.00)
Name # Name #
Alida Kotzee 0707 Rose Welthagen 0532
L’May Whitfield 0858 Nicolene Mans 1121
Sandra Clift x2 4383 Marianne Friggens 3120
Ria Louw 0907 Renate Steytler Visitor
15 January 2020
Individual Stableford
Wednesday Competition – Sponsored by Goede-Hoop
Paarl Old Course  |  Players: 67
Place Name Score
1 JP Neethling 39
2 Hannes Louw 37
3 Christian van Schalkwyk 36
4 Brian Lawry 36
5 Dawie Malan 36
Two Clubs (R66.00)
Name # Name #
JP Neethling 8478 Rashid Shaik 5851
Peter Muller 1169 Johan Venter 1216
Nearest the pin 4th: Bengt Johansson
Nearest the pin 14th: JL Swart
17 January 2020
Individual StablefordFriday Afternoon Sundowner
Players: 9 | Boschenmeer Course
Place Name Member # Score Prize
1 Fred Bowles 3013 19 R60
2 Albertus Smit 6645 18 R40
18 January 2020
Progressive AllianceSaturday Competition
Players: 190  | Paarl Old Course
Place Name Number Score Prize
1 Le Roy Le Riche
Rodney Uphoff
Willem Pretorius
Karl- Heinz Lutzeller
114 R120
2 Rashied Shaik
Ganief Daniels
JP Neethling
Kevin Hill
106 R100
3 Ralph Moschinsky
Deon Breedt
Jurie Kemp
Arthur Worsley
105 R60
Winelands Course
Place Name Number Score Prize
1 Riedwaan Abrahams
Daniel Janse van Rensburg
Jacques Mouton
R Slaber
118 R120
2 Jacques Olivier
Franz Lohbauer
Hannes Louw
Dick Coetzee
105 R100
3 Stephno Lotz
Gert Strydom
Gideon van der Heever
Chris Ras
100 R60
Boschenmeer Course
Place Name Number Score Prize
1 Irvin Kellerman
Frans Strooh
Bjorn van Oordt
Ben Fouchee
111 R120
2 Johan van der Merwe
Peet Bester
Lourens Bester
Gerjo van der Merwe
107 R100
3 Dick Knight
Cobus Thesnaar
Leon Serfontein
Piet Momberg
106 R60
Two Clubs (R50.00)
Name # Name #
Rodney Uphoff 801 Mari Kilian 2541
Alexander Kock 1213 Jannie van Breda 2908
Jaco Gous 2156 Hennie Hamer 0207
Gert Odendaal 3659 Franz Lohbauer 6017
Johnny Visser 5088 Hannes Louw 5673
Stephno Lotz x2 333 Haynes van der Merwe 8842
Frans Theron 0864 Fred Bowles 3013
Nearest the pin 4th:  Gert Odendaal
Nearest the pin 20th: Chris Ras
Nearest the pin 17th: Frans Theron


What’s happening at the club?
2020 Citrusdal Open
18 January 2020
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2020 Ceres Open

22 January 2020

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Kuilsriver Ladies Cabernet Classic
22 February 2020
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Faure & Faure 2020
28 January 2020
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Britstown Droogtehulp Gholf Dag
31 Januarie 2020
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Who’s been winning?
04 January 2019
Betterball Medal
Players: 74  |  Paarl Old Course
Place Name Member Score Voucher
1 Le Roy Le Riche
Karl-Heinz Lutzeler
60 R260.00
2 Daniel Janse Van Rensburg
Rhyno Slabber
60 R200.00
3 Jannie Van Breda
Wynand Viljoen
62 R130.00
4 Johan Visser
Andre Visser
62 R60.00
Two Clubs (R25.00)
Name # Name #
Deon Breedt 213 Bertus Van Niekerk 1114
Jurian Kittshof 3611 Vanessa Smith 2668
Riefaat Meyer 71 Wynand Viljoen 498
Lourens Oosthuizen 1382 Ben Fouchee 1390
Gerhard Weissmann 3388 rian Goodwin 523
Peter Friggens 2817
Nearest to the pin 4th: Andre Visser
Nearest to the pin 14th: Gilbert Sassman
08 January 2020
Betterball Stableford
Wednesday Competition
Winelands Course  |  Players: 68
Place Name Member Score Prize
1 Jere Brits
Gert Odendal
46 R220.00
2 Lodrick Lourens
Jean Luc du Plessis
45 R150.00
3 William Brown
Alex McCormack
45 R100.00
4 Dick Knight
Cobus Thesnaar
45 R70.00
Two Clubs (R17.00)
Name # Name #
Johan Lourens 7412 Peanut Hugo 1730
Peter Muller x2 1169 Kliffie Henderson 851
Annemie du Toit 6319 John van Breda 2908
Gert Strydom 1956 Jacques Olivier 41
Michael Sass 1265 Chris Snyman 1584
Andy Higgins 2046 JL du Plessis vis 0384
Rodney Uphoff 801 Peet Bester 6587
Nearest the pin 14th: Johan Visser
Nearest the pin 20th: Michael Sass
Apologies: Jere Brits, Gert Odendal
10 January 2020
Individual StablefordFriday Afternoon Sundowner
Players: 15 | Boschenmeer Course

Place Name Member # Score Prize
1 Deon De Swardt 515 19 R80
2 Martin Du Toit 9423 16 R50
11 January 2020
4-Ball Alliance -2 Scores to CountSaturday Competition
Players: 186  | Old Course

Place Name Number Score Prize
1 Albertus Smit
Dawid (DR) Malan
Adrian Moon
Craig Schaefer
88 R120
2 JP Neethling
Kevin Hill
Frans Strooh
Sam Kushlugu
87 R100
3 Ivan Van Schalkwyk
Gert Strydom
Gideon Van Den Heever
Joep Joubert
86 R60
Winelands Course
Place Name Number Score Prize
1 Graham Brown
Bob Izzet
Fred Bowles
Johan Van Zyl
86 R120
2 Hannes Van Der Merwe
NJ Van Der Merwe
Lourens Bester
Peet Bester
86 R100
3 Alida Kotzee
Willem Pretorius
Le Roy Le Rich
Karl-Heinz Lutzeler
84 R60
Boschenmeer Course
Place Name Number Score Prize
1 Irvin Kellerman
Guillaume Brink
Bjorn Van Oort
Renso Nel
91 R120
2 Riaan Kritzinger
Deon Van Der Spuy
Werner Von Mollendorf
Jimmy Sounes
87 R100
3 Jan Lotter
Pieter Hamman
Chris Jordaan
Christo Van Wyk
86 R60
Two Clubs (R50.00)
Name # Name #
Peet Bester 6587 Lumien Orton 1817
Jacques Du Plessis 839 Saretha Maritz 1320
Francois Eksteen 2116 Elgee Bothma 4165
Louis Koen (X2) 4025 Werner Von Mollendorf Visitor
Adrian Moon 785 JL Swart 160
George Bezuidenhout 12 Bjorn Van Oort 1195
Gavin Blignaut 6362 Graham Edward May 1723
Jenny Elgie 1947
Nearest the pin 7th: Adrian Moon
Nearest the pin 17th: Elgee Bothma
Nearest the pin 23rd: Dawie Theron
Apologies: Dawid (DR) Malan


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A wonderful journey with the development

Through working together with the Hope Through Action Foundation (changing lives through sport and education) and SCORE (a non-profit organisation that specialises in changing lives through sport and recreation)  started a golf development program at the Mbekweni Sport Community Centre, a partnership was formed through PGC and BF Golf Academy with KWV as the sponsor and the process started at the centre this year during June.

Many enthusiastic children were introduced. A selection process was followed and the coaching started.  Ben Fouchee did the initial basic coaching at the centre in Mbekweni and as the children became more interested, they were taken to Boschenmeer for their first encounter with a golf course.
Siya – the assistant for golf at the centre & Alwaba – programme coordinator at the centre accompanied the children. Marshalls from PGC also assisted in showing the kids around. After this initial introduction to the golf course, club and facilities the coaching was moved to the driving range and the short game area close to the clubhouse.
Liezl Klotz, a fully qualified PGA coach with lots of experience and enthusiasm was also pulled in to assist Ben with coaching the group of children. Liezl enjoys working with the children and is looking forward to the new season next year.
This year’s program ended with taking the children out to play on the golf course.  Again the children were so eager and overwhelmed by this wonderful opportunity.

Here is what a few of them had to say:

“Thank you for taking us this was a very good experience and it was nice when the coach told me I have a good swing” – Thokoza Spogter (female:12 years) grade 7 leaner at Mary Help of Christians Primary School.

“I did not know that I can hit a ball that far coz we usually hit at the net so we can’t see how long we can hit”
– Sibu Jacobs (female:13 years) grade 8 leaner at Desmond Mpilo Tutu High School.

“I was so nervous at first because I have never been out of Mbekweni before, so I had a great time” – Siyolise Tyatyam (female: 13 years) grade 6 leaner at Mbekweni Primary School.

“It was the best experience ever, it was my first time at a golf course” – Iminathi Tyatyam (male:11 years) grade 5 leaner at Mary Help of Christians Primary.

This project is a total new experience to Ben as well.  He enjoys the childrens’ interest, willingness and seeing them develop and showing progress.

To all parties envolved the project is a learning process and we all are looking forward to the new season in the new year.

Fitted for Victory

Jaco Vd Westhuizen is ready to conquer the course

Paarl GC member Jaco Vd Westhuizen reaped the benefits of a golf lesson this week, when he and his partner, Johan Van Zyl, won the Wednesday Competition. Last week Jaco was complaining about his shortgame, and so he booked a session with Ben – our Teaching Pro. After Ben identified some technical flaws with Jaco’s technique, he rectified it with the correct method which Jaco then started practicing.

On Wednesday Jaco didn’t hit the ball from tee to green, as well as he had hoped, but his shortgame saved him several times. The day consisted of windy conditions, which brings your shortgame more into play, and Jaco was ready for it. He shot an 85, which is even better than his handicap. He was however mostly satisfied with how his shortgame performed under pressure.

Well done Jaco! It is always satisfying to see our students performing well.

Invest in your game for the 2020 season by booking a lesson. Your success on the course is just as important to us, as it is to you.